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There's a reason why our clients lose weight and get healthier, we're experienced, friendly and we don't judge! We have a range of FREE packages to help you, simply check your BMI, see which package fits you and once you register for it, someone will get back in touch with you! If you're unsure call us on 01422 230 230 and check out our lifestyle hub in the mean time.


Congratulations on your first step!

You've found're in the right place! If you have any long term medical conditions your GP can refer you for our FREE packages, if not...go to step 2!


Which package fits you?

Your BMI, background and medical history determines what package is best for you, simply use the BMI calculator, you'll just need your height and weight.


Signing up for your package

Once you've checked which package is best for you, read more about it and register for more information. A friendly advisor will get in touch with you to take the next step.


Where the fun begins!

Depending on your needs, you'll get the opportunity to come along on FREE 12 week sessions run by friendly and non-judgemental instructors. These may include group sessions, free classes, excellent food advice and support!


After your FREE 12 week programme

You can attend weekly sessions to get weighed near you, browse our lifestyle hub for apps, videos, tips and get discount off our sports services across Calderdale with the Active Lifestyles card - ask your instructor about it.


Be the role model!

Be inspired and help us to inspire newbies! Join our community on Facebook to share your tips, ideas and healthy food pics -

Let's get started

Browse our FREE weight loss and health packages!

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