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I live for today, so why worry about the future?
It's not always about when we die or become ill. If you become ill it can make life hard for you and your family. Did you know that most illnesses are preventable? Filling your body with the wrong foods (like putting petrol in a diesel car!) and not moving enough is a recipe for illness...young or older. Check out our lifestyle hub and get started today! Plus if you're aged 40-74 you can grab a free NHS Healthcheck - just ask your GP!
Will I feel out of place?
Our packages are for anyone who meets our criteria or are recommended by their GP to be more active. Therefore, you can feel confident that you will be with others in our sessions that have similar weight and lifestyles to you and you won't be judged. Feel free to also browse our Lifestyle Hub!
Will my weight loss be confidential?
In our sessions, you will be weighed discreetly and your weight won't be shared with anyone!
I haven’t done any exercise for ages, will I be able to do it?
We have a variety of classes at different levels to suit your level no matter what it is...don't worry we won't have you running before you can walk.
What are the instructors like?
All our instructors are friendly, down to earth and don't judge! Many have lost weight and got healthier so know what it's like. They're all qualified and some of their expertise covers exercise, nutrition, health problems and ante and post natal wellbeing. They have helped hundreds of people in Calderdale to lose weight and get healtheir and can help you too!
What should I wear to exercise?
Comfortable clothing for example tracksuit bottoms, shorts, leggings, a t.shirt and supportive footwear. You really don't have to spend a lot, see what bargains you can grab online or in local shops for example Matalan, Sports Direct, Adidas Outlet, Intersport and if you spot any bargains let others know on Facebook!
What happens after the FREE 12 week course?
Our team will help you for up to a whole year! You can attend weekly weigh in sessions and if you want more help you can book a ‘Motivation & Support Session with a member of the team.

You will be given a Lifestyles Card at the start of your 12 week course which gives you free access to our Calderdale Council leisure centre classes, gym and swimming for 12 weeks. Continue to use this card for up to 12 months for discounted rates on classes, gym and swimming (passport to leisure rates apply).
I am pregnant but not sure if I'm overweight, can you help?
Many mums feel that they need to eat for two! It's a myth and can lead to you being overweight in pregnancy. Our 5 week 'Better living mums’ course can help you with food portion sizes, foods to avoid during pregnancy, foods that are essential and many more as well as expert advice from a midwife and health visitor about labour.
What's the big deal why do I need to be healthy?
You and your family's daily habits right now will affect you both long term and short term, physically and mentally. There's no way round it, there's only one if you're aged 40-74 you can grab a free NHS Healthcheck - just ask your GP!
I'm not anymore overweight than the average person I see, so what's the big deal?
Most people in the UK are overweight. In Calderdale, 2 in every 3 adults are overweight - so whilst the average may seem normal - it means the risk of serious illnesses are likely. BUT you would be surprised what little you can do each day to reduce your own risks now. It's never too late...check out our lifestyle hub and see see what fun things you can start doing now. Plus if you're aged 40-74 you can grab a free NHS Healthcheck - just ask your GP!

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